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SolutionsPro - ADE Solutions for Professionals

"There appears to be so much more that our facility can be utilizing other than just the basic surveys." - ADE Professional Customer

SolutionsPro offers professionals an option to use the ADE Solutions library of assessments with their clients. As a professional, you can administer a survey to a client either on a kiosk or device in your office, by providing the client with a website link specific to your practice, or by staging a survey. All of these assessments will only be available interactively, and a paper and pencil version will be available in a future update of SolutionsPro. SolutionsPro also includes myPRIME®, an online version of PRIME For Life®. Learn more by clicking here.

This new program can be completely free for professionals to use. There is an option in SolutionsPro to have the client enter payment information, eliminating the need for the provider to purchase assessments from ADE.

Staging a survey will allow you to enter some of the client’s information before they take the assessment. Once you submit the information for the client, they will receive either an email or an SMS message with a link to the exact assessment. If you provide the client with a link for them to enter on their own, you will have to let them know which instrument to choose before they are able to proceed. Either of these processes can be done in your office or the client can also complete the assessment at home.

Once an assessment is filled out using any of the above processes, the unprocessed assessment will be available in your database for you to process and receive the report.

myPRIME® in SolutionsPro

myPRIME® is an online version of PRIME For Life® designed either for those that would like the convenience of an online program or have been referred by a provider. To learn more, click here, or click here to be taken to their webpage.

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